Recover you stolen or lost bitcoins and other cryptocurrency.

You can easily recover your stolen bitcoins and other cryptocurrency with us at CryptosForensics. We are comprised of a professional team of dedicated and passionate investigators ready to go after your stolen funds for you. It is our mission to assist our clients recover stolen bitcoins and other cryptocurrency from fraudulent brokers, exchanges and cybercrime perpetrators. We engage the right set of working tools and the brightest minds to create infallible solutions to enable you recover stolen bitcoins, lost funds, money and other forms of cryptocurrency. Contact us now, as time is also an important factor for successful cryptocurrency recovery.



Our Mode of Operations.

Absolute and Successful Digital Asset Recovery.

We have exclusively and successfully created highly specialised and effective code around the unprecedented transparency blockchain technology provides. The Forensic techniques we apply, allows us to unequivocally recover stolen or lost bitcoins as well as other forms of money.

  Through our years of dedicated and passionate research we have been able to better handle, understand and decrypt data in the cryptography system. We are equipped with a highly functional mechanism of super computers run by our brilliant staff who have over the years developed code that channel application specific integrated circuit in the cryptography system into identifying, analysing and decrypting information and data. No matter your situation, we will go above and beyond to provide you a solution.

Cryptosforensics enables you to reclaim and recover your cryptocurrency back and all it's information such as ownership, authenticity, transaction history, and location without the need to involve third-parties. 

We are available to provide altruistic forensic investigations and processes to successfully recover your bitcoins and other funds. 

CryptosForensics provides our clients with the best, most trustworthy cryptocurrency solutions. In the ever-evolving financial technology market, we believe that everyone needs a reliable ally who can guide them through the challenges that accompany transactions and investments online.

We have worked successfully with hundreds of our clients and recovered millions of dollars worth of stolen money for our clients.

We have over the years equipped our team of experienced and professional minds, who have investigated, traced and revealed useful information to help people recover lost bitcoins and other cryptocurrency from fraud and scam.

We have served as expert witnesses, and provided prosecution materials to help our clients win cases against fraudulent individual scams, exchanges, brokers, and traders.

Cryptosforensics will assist you recover lost funds. We have consulted for and worked with hundreds of clients and organisations in cases involving Bitcoin Recovery, arbitrage scams recovery, trading scams recovery, fraudulent exchanges and brokers, cryptocurrency Scams, Hacking incidents, Investment Fraud, exit scams, Phishing, embezzlement, theft and even divorce cases. We also work with cryptocurrency analytic indexes, repositories, brokers, exchanges, law firms, law enforcement, regulators, blockchain companies and crypto VC firms, to enable clients track and recover stolen bitcoins and cryptocurrency. 

You are a call, chat or message away from getting your money back. Contact us now to find out more.


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Stories by Clients Like You

Valued Relationships

Client 2

Fitness central

Our business which we set up right after college hit rock bottom during the beginning of the pandemic when we paid for new supply of gym equipment from Asia with bitcoins, and didn't get any delivery. Cryptos forensics helped us get back our bitcoins seamlessly along with all the transaction details and map which we used to prosecute the case as well as track down and apprehend the receivers of our bitcoins in far away beijing China. Their professionalism, techniques and eagerness to communicate and help make them easy to work with.

Client 3

Jane Lin

I got a mail from an old acquaintance whose social media account was hacked, asking me to invest in bitcoins with an exchange. They said I will make weekly returns and high profit margins from whatever I had invested. After paying to them a whole lot of money and letting it grow, it came time to withdraw my profit. They denied me access to my account and password, investment or profit. I kept paying so i could withdraw yet i din't get anything, that's when i suspected i had been cheated. Distraught, i found cryptos forensics while carrying out a google search if i could get my bitcoins back. They were very helpful and committed to recovering my investment and profit which I eventually got back successfully, and they did it for me in less than a week! I am eternally grateful.

Client 5

Amanda Nielsen

“These nice people practically saved my life. I would have lost all my life's savings and retirement benefits when i invested all in cryptocurrency with a questionable trader. In luck, my godson told me about cryptosforensics who offer financial cryptocurrency investigation services and solutions. They made it so easy for me, such good and helpful staff helped me get my bitcoins back. I'm in awe and thankful to them everyday ”